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Why Steel Is The Popular Choice For Making Bollards?

Steel is known as a strong and durable solution, especially for street furniture. It is easy to manufacture and cost effective as well. Steel is being used to make lightweight parking bollards and big diameter security posts. Bollards are used to secure buildings and walkers from the vehicle traffic.

Standard bollards come in 60mm to 300mm round mild steel tube and in a variety of styles to meet your particular needs and design schemes. Steel needs low maintenance, so occasional cleaning with any mild detergent and warm water is enough. Areas of heavy vehicle traffic are subject to more deposits and so you need to do a more frequent maintenance program to accomplish the desired finish.

Areas where vehicle access is required during the day and night can make use of telescopic bollards for a safe and secure ambiance. These are lightweight bollards, having 15kg approximately and retract to ground level for constant vehicle access. They need to be lifted and locked in place to provide high security to the area. This lightweight design can be made up of a thicker steel wall for anti-ram resistance. In the parking area, effective concrete wheel stops are used to prevent parking on medians, side walk areas and other restricted areas.

Removable stainless steel bollards are another popular option used at commercial buildings. These bollards are installed on a ground socket and the socket cover place and padlock is used to lower down and lock bollards in place. The cover remains straight to the ground level when the bollard is taken out for ensuring no trip hazards.

Benefits of using steel bollards

They offer an ultimate solution for security purposes, such as Defence bases and police stations.

They are manufactured using internal steel core, which offer extra anti-ram resistance.

Bollards can be further strengthened by filling concrete to provide an extra dimension to the resistance.

They offer a lot of options to suit the scheme design. They come with base plate fixings, an ultimate solution for multi-storey car parks.

Folding steel bollards lie at ground level to provide enough space to the underside of cars that park over them. These bollards are perfect choices for parking posts that have vehicle access in the day and security at night.

Steel bollards can be added with recesses for highly visible reflective tape. Besides pedestrian area, cycle routes are also introduced where reflective boards can be placed to provide safety to pedestrians and cyclists both in the day and at night.

To conclude, steel is one of the most popularly used materials for bollards. It offers versatility in the design and ease of making. So, you can go for the most suitable steel bollards and choose from the colours that suits your scheme’s design.

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