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Safe And Comfortable Driving

Can you drive a car with under inflated or over inflated tyres? This can only happen in entertainment shows where they manage to drive a vehicle with one small tyre and another big fatty tyre. When it comes to driving practically on roads and highways, this is a great massacre.

As the name suggests so is the meaning- Tyre Pressure Monitor meaning to monitor the tyre pressure?

It is said that there are roughly 11000 tyres related vehicle crashes in US every year. Many of these crashes can be prevented through proper tyre maintenance including tyre alignment and rotation. Approximately 232 million passenger cars and light trucks in US consume about 134billion gallons of fuel each year.

It is said if 10 million drivers keep their tyres properly inflated, nearly $500 million dollars and 1.6 million metric tons of Carbon-dioxide pollution a year can be saved.

There are significant advantages of monitoring pressure.

1. It creates a fuel economy i.e. for every 10 % of under inflation on each tyre of vehicle, a 1% reduction in fuel economy occurs.

2. It’s a road safety measure. Under inflated tyres can be dangerous. TPM helps to keep an eye on tyre inflation continuously for maximum safety.

3. It has replaced manual gauges where the driver used to kneel down to each tyre, take off the valve system cap, insert the tyre pressure gauge. This is no longer necessary now.

4. It saves on costs thus adding value to vehicle.

5. As it contributes to safety of a vehicle it may lead to lower insurance premiums for your vehicle.

6. The last but not the least is environment. Correct tyre pressure helps to maintain correct fuel efficiency which means lower carbon dioxide emissions coming from vehicle as compared to those with incorrect tyre pressures.

However this has few limitations added to it. A number of issues come up that both drivers and tyre techs should be aware of like the monitor and the attached stem are really fragile, there is no standardization and most of the parts are dealer based only, it has to reset after a wheel is moved on the car. Despite this is biggest advantage that TPMS can save your life. You can also visit this website to gather more knowledge regarding TPMS.

Pressure is measured by calculating amount of air that has been pumped into the inner lining of tyre in pounds force or bar pressure.

When can you monitor correct tyre pressure? Tyres should be checked when it’s cold as pressure increases when the tyre becomes hot. Taking the cold reading and checking it against the recommended tyre pressure is the correct way to determine your tyre pressure.

Wireless pressure checking system is easy to use, light weighted, accurate but expensive. Wireless kit consists of two replacement valve caps with tyre temperature monitor system and some kind of wireless broadcasting system.

Believe it or not, checking tyre pressure is of great advantage to road drivers, environment and largely to economy.
It also serves another good cause agenda i.e. “Save fuel”, “Save earth.”

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