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How To Drive In Style

In the current era, automobiles have become part of the fashion industry. With new sleek designs in cars constantly being manufactured, the goal of automobile fashion has been the same as clothing fashion. Being the centre of attention. Here are a few guidelines on how you can tune your car to keep up with the current trends.

Add a spoiler

Even if your car is not of the exotic group, it can still can make a statement with the right upgrades to your car body. Installing a spoiler on the rear end of your car, and a hood on the front end, could turn your car from looking ordinary to looking a lot more eye catching. Although the main purpose of the spoiler is to minimize drag, it is also used for styling purposes. But still the reduction in air resistance could also improve your car’s fuel efficiency and hence result in long term savings.

Improve your seats

Improving your internal appearance is as important as the external appearance. One major improvement you can make on your car’s internal appearance is improving the appearance of your seats. Adding a canvas seat cover to your seats can drastically improve its looks as well as comfort. You could also have them custom made to suit your tastes, such as having them made with a specific design or colour scheme. These covers usually come in sizes for different car models so take note of this.


Your car can be made even more stylish by covering it with vinyl car wrapping. With plenty of selection in design of the car wrappings, you can choose one to suit your tastes. You may even want to consider choosing the design and colour to match your custom made seat covers so that your exterior and interior appearances do not conflict. Since these car wrappings are a form of stickers, it will serve as protection against scratches to your car’s metal body. Designs such as flames are a popular vinyl design but choosing a design will depend on the colour of your car’s body.


Another great way to make your car more eye catching is to add neon lights beneath your car. However, this will most likely be noticeable in low light conditions as it may be barely visible in normal light conditions. Bear in mind though that these neon light kits may be a lot more expensive than most of the other improvements mentioned here and don’t really serve a secondary purpose other than improving aesthetics.

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