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Hiring A Minibus – Things To Know

Have you hired a minibus for travel before? If the answer is no, let’s find out some basic facts which you must remember while hiring a minibus.
If you are a licensed driver, you should have no problem if you go for minibus hire. Most companies will check whether you are a licensed driver or not, and if you have the proper documentation or not. The driver’s license should be valid for at least a year. And if you are planning to drive it, you should take note of some precautions. Think of the road and as safety driving is a must, you should take care of all the protruding signposts, low bridges, power lines or overhead cables. Also, you can never control nature, so a hanging branch or a dead tree can always come in your way.

You may be an extremely good driver, but driving a minibus is a different ball game. Want to know why? No company will tell you all these when you go for minibus hire, but these are crucial information. A minibus or a van has a turning radius which is wider than cars. It also has a higher centre of gravity. So in case of turns, you should slow down, especially around the corners. It is better to use the external mirrors for this purpose.
To get a feel of the minibus, you should take a turn or two while collecting the vehicle. This will definitely help you to get more confidence. Also, you must know that the braking distance of the minibus is greater than the car.
When you go to hire a minibus, you will have to submit some basic documentation. They will definitely ask for address proof and you can submit your utility bills. The current ones are definitely preferred. You identification along with some other documentation like whether you have met with an accident recently, insurance coverage should also be provided. However, not all companies are strict on these policies. Some will only look at your driver’s license and that will suffice.
Before you take the minibus, you need to sign the check sheet. Always ask the company about their return policies and when they expect the vehicle to be back. Some companies have strict regulations about the time when you drop off the minibus. If it is late, you might have to incur some extra expenses. In order to avoid such situations, you should always ask for a copy of the rule book.Want to enjoy a hassle-free drive in your minibus? Do some research and read the regulation book of the company from which you are hiring!
If you cant find any available minibus hire, you can also look for a van hire for your travel. Click here for more information about van hire in Melbourne.

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